14 Mayıs 2008 Çarşamba

Cricondentherm, Cricondenbar and Critical Point

  • Cricondentherm (Tct)—The Cricondentherm is defined as the maximum temperature above which liquid cannot be formed regardless of pressure (point E at Pressure-Temperature Diagram). The corresponding pressure is termed the Cricondentherm pressure pct.
  • Cricondenbar (pcb)—The Cricondenbar is the maximum pressure above which no gas can be formed regardless of temperature (point D at Pressure-Temperature Diagram). The corresponding temperature is called the Cricondenbar temperature Tcb.
  • Critical point—The critical point for a multicomponent mixture is referred to as the state of pressure and temperature at which all intensive properties of the gas and liquid phases are equal (point C at Pressure-Temperature Diagram). At the critical point, the corresponding pressure and temperature are called the critical pressure pc and critical temperature Tc of the mixture.

Ahmed (2001)